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Space and Satellites

Space applications demand high quality and durable tubes that require zero maintenance in the most hostile environments. From rocket engines to satellite propulsion systems, our precision-engineered tubes deliver consistent performance despite extreme changes in temperatures and pressures.
At Fine Tubes, our expert engineers work closely with OEMS from concept to service to develop tubes for applications that operate in the cutting edge of space exploration including:

Lighter and More Resilient Alloys for Space Performance
Choosing the best alloy for your space application is key to having an optimised final product. We offer an extensive range of lightweight and corrosion resistant super alloys that enable space launch vehicles and satellites to deliver optimum performance.
High Strength-to-Weight Ratios for Miniaturisation
We have the manufacturing capability to process alloys with high strength-to-weight ratios which allows for manufacturers and designers to continue miniaturising the sizes of their applications.

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Stuart Griffiths, Product Manager - Tube 
Stuart Griffiths
Product Manager - Tube
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