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High performance tubes for downhole control lines, instrumentation, pressure housing, measuring devices and pumps for the oil and gas industry

Oil and Gas

The oil and gas sector is a principal market for Fine Tubes and it’s one where we have extensive experience in product design and innovation. From the technological advances that came with subsea drilling in the 1970s, right up to the deepwater challenges of the present day, we’ve been supplying a wide range of high performance tubes to the industry.

High pressure tubing manufactured by Fine Tubes is used to help extract oil and gas in some of the most hostile downhole conditions - such as seawater and sour oil well projects. You’ll find our products deployed in chemical injection and hydraulic control lines, as well as subsea umbilicals. We have a proven track record of supplying tubes that meet the industry’s strict quality and safety requirements, and work with national energy companies and major engineering contractors in all the key oil and gas regions.

Fine Tubes offers coiled and straight length tubing in a wide range of corrosion resistant austenitic, super austenitic, duplex and super duplex stainless steels, titanium grades and nickel alloys. We cover a broad range of size specifications meeting the requirements of the oil and gas sector.

  • Downhole, hydraulic and chemical injection control lines
  • Control lines in subsea umbilicals
  • Flowline control line tubing for pipe-in-pipe bundles
  • Downhole gauge cables
  • Control and instrumentation tubing
  • Pressure housings
  • Hydraulic tubing for control measuring devices and pumps

Downhole, Hydraulic and Chemical Injection Lines
Fine Tubes manufactures precision control line tubing for hydraulic and chemical injection of onshore and subsea oil and gas wells. The control line tubing is manufactured in a number of different product forms including seam welded and redrawn, seam welded and floating plug redrawn and seamless depending on the customer’s specification and application.

Control line tubing can be manufactured in lengths including orbital joints up to 15,000m (50,000ft) and is typically in diameters from ¼” to 1” OD and is used for:

  • Safety critical hydraulic control of sub surface safety valves
  • Subsea control lines
  • Downhole control and monitoring in intelligent well completions
  • Chemical injection using acids, surfactants and methanol
Coiled control line tubing is also used in onshore or topside hydraulic and instrumentation systems where the longer coils result in fewer connections and can increase the integrity of the overall system.

Smooth bore tubing
Control line tubing is manufactured with a tightly controlled inner surface smoothness for deployment of fibre optic lines used in downhole distributed temperature systems.

Steel tube control lines in subsea umbilicals
Fine Tubes produces high integrity and quality controlled stainless steel, duplex and super duplex control line tubing used in demanding subsea umbilical applications. The super duplex seam welded and redrawn product is designed to offer a lower cost alternative with equivalent performance to traditional seamless subsea control lines. Flowline control line tubing is also available for use in pipe-in-pipe bundles.

Downhole gauge cables with single and twisted pair conductors
Control line cable is produced in stainless steel and nickel alloy armouring for protection of encapsulated wire conductors used for downhole temperature and pressure gauges.

Control and Instrumentation Tubing
Hydraulic tubing
Seamless straight length precision tubing is used for hydraulic and instrumentation applications to control measuring devices and supply hydraulic pumps and tools. The tubing is used in onshore control panels, topside processing facilities and on subsea manifolds and templates up to 2000m below the sea’s surface.

Pressure tubing
Pressure housings are available from 1.6mm (0.063”) outer diameter for precision instrumentation and monitoring applications on drilling tools up to 63mm (2.475") OD using high strength Stainless Steels, Titanium and Nickel alloys. Operating conditions can require our products to be rated up to 60,000psi operating pressure and with tensile strengths greater than 220ksi.
  • Supply Forms +

    Coiled Tubing
    Coiled seam welded or welded and drawn tubing is available in standard materials including stainless steel 316L, lean and super duplex stainless steel and nickel alloys 825, 625 and 400. Other materials are also available on request. Information on burst, yield and collapse pressures for the various materials are also available on request. Tubing can be supplied in the annealed or cold worked condition.
    • Seamless and welded, welded and drawn tubing
    • Welded floating plug drawn for higher quality tube
    • Diameters from 3mm (0.118") to 25.4mm (1") OD
    • Wall thicknesses from 0.5mm (0.020") to 3mm (0.118")
    • Coils up to 13,500m (45,000ft) with orbital joints
    • Encapsulated, PVC coated or bare line tubing
    • Gauge cable - TEC
    • Impulse lines
    • Available on wooden or steel drums

    Straight Lengths
    Straight length tubing can be manufactured in a wide range of stainless steels, super duplex stainless steels, titanium grades and nickel alloys. The tubing can be supplied in a range of conditions including annealed, age hardened, cold worked or stress relieved.
    • Seamless tubes up to 10m (32.8ft) long
    • Outside diameters from 0.3mm (0.01") to 45mm (1.77")
      Specialist items up to 63.5mm (2.5") on request
    • Controlled wall, OD and ID precision tolerances
    • Manufactured to industry or customer specifications
    • High pressure and super pressure tubing

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