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Lean manufacturing

At Fine Tubes, not only do we set out to produce metal tubes of the highest quality, we are also committed to the continuous improvement of all our business and manufacturing systems. We have a dedicated lean manufacturing team trained in applying the Six Sigma management strategy.

Continuous improvement involves everyone in the company. Our aim is to constantly re-assess how we do things and eliminate waste within every product, process and system throughout the business. Two lean manufacturing programs in place at Fine Tubes are:

  • All office based and production staff gain Level 2 training in the Business Improvement Techniques NVQ.
  • Self managed teams are in place to drive change and improvement on the job. These teams organise and prioritise work and aim to improve quality, reduce cost and increase on-time delivery.
At Fine Tubes various measurable lean initiatives are continuously executed to solve, sustain and improve processes. We use a wide variety of methods to measure and analyse performance, and plan ways to improve our approach. Value stream mapping, set-up reductions, the 8 Wastes and 5 Why’s programs, plan-do-check-act loops, Ishikawa diagrams and Pareto Analysis are just a few of the numerous techniques we also employ.