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Lean Manufacturing

At Fine Tubes, not only do we set out to produce metal tubes of the highest quality, but we are also committed to the continuous improvement of all our business and manufacturing processes.
Six Sigma Methodology
We have a dedicated lean manufacturing team trained in applying the six sigma methodology with the aim of reducing variation.
Continuous Improvement
Continuous improvement involves everyone in Fine Tubes. Our aim is to constantly challenge the status-quo and re-assess how we operate with a view to eliminate waste within every product, process and system throughout the business.

Some of the lean manufacturing initiatives we employ are:
  • Manufacturing Cells are assessed three times a year against a defined Lean Maturity rating program.
  • Continuous Improvement representatives in each manufacturing cell collate and progress projects with demonstrable benefits.
  • Weekly manufacturing GEMBA walks with the manufacturing cells, help to identify opportunities for improvement across the plant.
Measurable Lean Initiatives for Enhanced Processes
At Fine Tubes, various measurable lean initiatives are continuously executed to solve, sustain and improve processes.

We use a wide variety of methods to measure and analyse performance, and plan ways to improve our approach including:
  • Value stream mapping
  • set-up reductions
  • the 8 Wastes and 5 Why’s programs
  • Plan-do-check-act loops
  • Ishikawa diagrams
  • Pareto Analysis