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High Pressure Tubes

Fine Tubes supplies top quality high pressure tubing to a range of industries. Our products are particularly crucial in oil and gas extraction projects, as well as in commercial and military aerospace programmes.

Oil and Gas

High pressure tubing manufactured by Fine Tubes is used to help extract oil and gas in some of the most hostile downhole conditions including deepwater and sour oil well projects. These high performance tubes can be produced for low, medium, high and super high pressure applications.

Fine Tubes offers coiled and straight length tubing in a wide range of corrosion resistant austenitic, super austenitic, duplex and super duplex stainless steels. Various titanium grades and nickel alloys are also available. We cover a broad range of size specifications meeting the requirements of the oil and gas industry.

A wide range of wall thicknesses are sold, starting from 1.6mm (0.063”) outer diameter for precision instrumentation, chemical injection and monitoring applications on downhole tools. Sizes go up to 63mm (2.475") OD. Operating conditions can require our products to be rated up to 60,000psi operating pressure and with tensile strengths greater than 220ksi (1,515MPa).

Fine Tubes manufactures premium quality high pressure tubes - coiled and straight length tubing in a wide range of alloys


All high pressure tubing products supplied to the aerospace industry are hydraulic tubes. For further information on our products in this area, please refer to our page on hydraulic tubes. 

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