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Control Lines

Fine Tubes supplies a whole range of products to the oil and gas sector, and it’s one of our most important markets. You’ll find our high performance tubes successfully used in some of the most aggressive subsea and downhole conditions thanks to our proven track record in meeting the strict quality requirements of the oil, gas and geothermal energy industries.

Improving technology has extended the range of ways in which oil and gas fields can be exploited, and increasingly projects require the use of long, continuous lengths of stainless steel control lines. These are employed in a variety of applications including hydraulic controls, instrumentation, chemical injection, umbilicals and flowline control. Fine Tubes supplies products for all of these applications, and more, lowering operating costs and improved recovery methods for our customers.

Thanks to advances in tubular control line technologies, it is now cheaper and easier to connect downhole valves and chemical injection systems with remote and satellite wells, for both fixed and floating central platforms. We offer coiled tubing for control lines in stainless steel and nickel alloys.

Fine Tubes manufactures coiled tubing for control lines in stainless steel and nickel alloys

  • Downhole hydraulic control lines
  • Downhole chemical control lines
  • Subsea umbilical control lines for hydraulic power and chemical injection
  • Smooth bore control lines used in fibre optic applications

Control Line Manufacturing Range

Coiled tubing is available in a range of different product forms depending on your requirements. We manufacture seam welded and redrawn, seam welded and floating plug redrawn and seamless tube products. The standard grades are 316L, alloy 825 and alloy 625. Other grades of stainless steel in duplex and super duplex and nickel alloy are available on request.

Tubing can be supplied in the annealed or cold worked condition in the following specifications:

  • Welded and drawn tubing
  • Welded and floating plug drawn tubing
  • Diameter from 3mm (0.118”) to 25.4mm (1.00”) OD
  • Wall thickness from 0.5mm (0.020”) to 3mm (0.118”)
  • OD tolerance +/- 0.005” (0.13mm) and +/- 10% wall thickness, other tolerances are available on request
  • Coil lengths up to 1,500m (5,000ft) without orbital joints depending on product dimensions
  • Coil lengths up to 13,500m (45,000ft) with orbital joints
  • Encapsulated, PVC coated or bare line tubing
  • Available on wooden or steel drums.

Control Line Product Forms

Fine Tubes manufactures long coils of tubing in three main forms:

  • Seamless – a billet of metal is extruded into a tube and drawn to final size.
  • Welded and sunk – after being welded the tube is drawn through a die to homogenize the seam weld.
  • Welded and floating plug drawn – after being welded the tube is drawn through a die with a floating plug in the bore to rework the weld seam internally and externally.

For further details on quality considerations, the advantages of redrawing welded tubes, and pressure calculations, please download our detailed control line datasheet. You’ll also find technical details (in metric and imperial) on tube properties which depend on whether they are seam welded and redrawn, seam welded and floating plug drawn or manufactured seamless.

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