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Fine Tubes manufactures high performance tubing used in HPLC columns, pharmaceutical instrumentation and UHP tubes

High Performance Instrumentation

Transferring our experience manufacturing tubes for several core industries, Fine Tubes develops an array of products for other sectors where high performance is critical.

Our commitment to precision and excellence has created high demand for our tubes across various sectors including:
  • Automotive
  • Food manufacturing
  • Durable goods
  • Chemical processing
  • Drugs manufacturing
  • Analytical & Testing Equipment
Typical Alloys
Custom-Made To Your Exact Application

We work with our customers closely to find the best solutions for their mission critical needs, including supplying tubes covering all standard sizes that are required.

But we also aim to assist wherever we can, meaning we specialise in producing custom-made tubes, in non-standard sizes and custom alloys, to our same high precision and quality.

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Nicholas Head, Product Manager Tube & SMP Oil and Gas 
Nicholas Head
Product Manager Tube & Oil & Gas SMP
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