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High specification tubes deployed in nuclear reactor fuel cans operating at 650°C


Fine Tubes has a pedigree of developing safety-critical tubes for the nuclear industry dating back to the 1970s, when we started supplying nuclear fuel cans to the UK’s first generation of gas cooled reactors. As nuclear power has evolved, so has our expertise and we have manufactured products for AGR, pressurized water, light water, heavy water and fast breeder reactor technologies. Today you will find our tubes deployed in plants in the EU, the US, Canada, India and China.

Because nuclear power involves hazardous materials, strict compliance, integrity and precision are absolutely critical. We can control tube dimensions down to a tolerance of just ¼ the diameter of a human hair. Meanwhile, reactor fuel cans using our tubing operate at 650°C non-stop, for five years, without fail. Our 100% reliable components are also used in steam generators, heat exchangers, control and instrumentation units, and more.

High performance tubes for nuclear fuel reactor cans

Fine Tubes has reached this position in the market by working in partnership with our customers. Our experts will work side-by-side with engineers from design and engineering through testing and certification, and on to manufacture and delivery. Our product integrity is assured from melt to the finished tube.

We not only have the plant capacity to make quality assured tubing compliant with RCC-M, ASMEIII QSC for nuclear programs, but we also have a track record in helping the industry advance by developing new solutions.

  • Primary and field instrumentation
  • Control rod drive mechanism
  • Fuel cans
  • Cladding tubes
  • Flux thimble guide tubes
  • Grid sleeves
  • Seamless nickel coils for flux detectors
  • Other fuel assembly components

Nuclear fuel assembly tubes from Fine Tubes UK

  • Supply forms +

    Straight lengths: maximum 14m (46 feet)
    Coils: up to 46m (150 ft) long

    Tube forms: straight or U-bent

    Surface finish: (as drawn) ID 0.4 micron Ra (157 micro inch Ra)
    Surface finish: (electropolished) ID 0.1mm Ra (39 micro inch Ra)

    Outside Diameter (OD)
    mm inches
    min max min max
    2.4 45 0.095 1.77
    Other sizes are available on request, starting from 0.15mm (0.006”) OD


  • Quality Assurance +

    Formal system approvals include:
    • ASME QSC NCA3800 (2011)
    • RCC-M
    • CSA N285.0 and 7 299 2 category 2 QA program
    • Nadcap (Heat Treatment) reaccredited at Merit Status by P.R.I.
    • Nadcap (NDT) reaccredited at Merit Status by P.R.I.
    • Nadcap (Welding) reaccredited at Merit Status by P.R.I.
    • AD2000 Merkblatt W0/TRD100 – TüV 97/23/EC (PED)
    • ISO 9001 / AS EN 9100 by BSI.
    • ISO 14001 by BSI

    Fine Tubes also has First Point Approval and can supply to NACE MR-0175 and P.E.D. Reference lists and individual client approvals are available on request.

    TüV Nuclear product supply is based upon a system which meets the requirements of ASME Section III NCA 3800 for class 1 seamless instrumentation tube. This is independently audited as meeting the requirements of CSA N285.0 and Z299.2 Category 2 QA Program.

  • ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code +

    Section I Rules for construction of Power Boilers
    Section II Materials Part A Ferrous Material Specifications
    Part B Non-Ferrous Material Specifications
    Part C Specifications for welding rods, electrodes and filler material
    Subsection NCA General Requirements for Divisions 1 and 2 NCA 3800 - Metallic Material
    Organisations quality system program
    Subsequent NB - Class 1 Components
    NB 2552 = Ultrasonic examination
    Section III Division 1 Metallic Vessels, heat exchangers, piping systems etc Subsection NC Class 2 Components
    Subsection NC Class 3 Components
    Division 2 Code for concrete containments
    Division 3 Containment system for storage and transport of spent fuel & radioactive waste
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Fit For Nuclear
Fine Tubes have been granted Fit for Nuclear status by Nuclear AMRC