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Corporate Responsibility

Fine Tubes is a manufacturer of precision metal tubes supplying products that play a crucial role for our customers in oil and gas, aerospace, nuclear, power generation and medical equipment industries. The company has a friendly, supportive atmosphere with a reputation for innovation. We are a progressive organisation and always encourage best practice.

Fine Tubes recognises that its duties extend beyond meeting the immediate needs of customers and that our responsibilities cover a range of stakeholders including customers, employees, the local community and our suppliers. In going about our activities, we know that we must trade ethically, protect the environment, and comply with UK and European Union laws as well as international conventions.

In alignment with our objective to supply precision, high quality products to worldwide customers, we will aim to meet our social responsibilities and to reduce the effect our business has on the environment.

We have systems and procedures in place to ensure that we meet our corporate responsibilities, and regularly review our activities with that goal in mind. The senior management team attends meetings chaired by the MD to set targets with SMARRT (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, relevant, time-bound) objectives, and to review achievement against the objectives set in previous meetings.

Fine Tubes has important values and aspirations in a number of critical areas:


  • We are open and honest with our customers.
  • Our products meet the requirements defined within customer specifications, order acknowledgements and production standards.
  • We recognise that the success of Fine Tubes can only be built on the success of our customers.


Our Supplier Approval and Assessment Processes are there to ensure all our suppliers source materials, manufacture and transport Fine Tubes products in a safe and responsible manner. Our supplier code of conduct also draws upon internationally recognised standards in order to advance social and environmental responsibility.

We encourage compliance with the laws, rules and regulations of the countries in which our suppliers operate. This includes areas such as labour and human rights, health and safety, environmental impact, ethics, and management commitment.


We provide a safe working environment for our employees and everyone working at or visiting our site. Our health and safety management systems are based in the HSG 65 model. Our commitment is to:

  • Treat our employees fairly, provide reasonable working hours and fair pay.
  • Never employ child labour.
  • Never discriminate on any grounds.
  • Train our employees so that they can meet the standards that we require.

We run a works council with counsellors elected by employees who negotiate terms and conditions of employment, including pay, and who help ensure fair and efficient procedures for handling employee grievances and complaints. Counsellors and communicators have meaningful discussions with management on company policy, the business climate, performance and other subjects related to the welfare and efficiency of both employees and Fine Tubes.

Please click here for the Fine Tubes Limited Retirement Benefits Scheme Statement of Investment Principles.

Please click here for the Fine Tubes Limited Retirement Benefits Scheme Implementation Statement on voting and engagement policies.


We work with the local community to ensure that our activities have no detrimental impact on people’s quality of life. We support local registered charities with charitable donations by both employees and the company. Fine Tubes offers work placement opportunities for young people in local schools and at university. We do engineering-based presentations in local schools which include information about career prospects.


We will not offer bribes or incentives to gain business or an unfair advantage in any of our activities and this applies equally to our employees and official representatives.

We will not accept bribes in an attempt by any other organisation to gain favour.


Fine Tubes operates in a manner that seeks to minimise consumption of the Earth’s resources. We have annual energy consumption targets and waste reduction programs which are reviewed regularly by senior managers. General environmental awareness training is carried out periodically to make employees aware of their potential impact on the environment. Our environmental management system is independently assessed and certified to the ISO14001 standard.