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Instrumentation Tubes

Major players in both the oil and gas extraction and nuclear power industries rely on Fine Tubes for tubing to protect their control systems and instrumentation. Thousands of metres beneath the surface of the sea, Fine Tubes products are deployed in control units for hydraulic pumps, measuring devices and more.

Meanwhile, control and measuring devices that are critical in the nuclear and turbine islands of reactors also require our high performance tubes. Below is a summary of how Fine Tubes instrumentation tubing is used, the sizes available and materials used in its manufacture.

Our Instrumentation tubes are used in control units for hydraulic pumps, measuring devices in oil and gas and nuclear industry
Oil and Gas Industry
Seamless straight lengths of precision tubing are used for instrumentation that controls measuring devices and supplies hydraulic pumps and tools. The tubing is used in onshore control panels, topside processing facilities and subsea manifolds and templates up to 2,000m under the sea.

Control and instrumentation tubing is available from 1.6mm (0.063”) outside diameter for precision instrumentation and monitoring applications on drilling tools up to 63mm (2.475") OD. High strength stainless steel, duplex and super duplex stainless steel, titanium and nickel alloys are used in manufacture. Operating conditions can require our products to be rated up to 60,000Psi operating pressure and with tensile strengths greater than 220ksi (1,515 MPa).

The standard tubes are available in nominal 6m straight lengths or in coiled form. Coiled tubing reduces the number of couplings which can help lower installation costs and improve reliability. Our control and instrumentation tubes can be delivered with end caps for transport and protection from potential contamination during storage.

Nuclear Industry
In the nuclear and turbine islands of nuclear reactors our instrumentation and control tubing encases equipment monitoring various factors such as pressure, temperature, density differences and fuel burn up rates. Fine Tubes supplies seamless nuclear instrumentation tubing in straight and coiled tube forms. The most common material used is various grades of specially specified stainless steel.
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