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Stainless Steel Tubes

Stainless steel grades cover a wide range of compositions which result in the generation of a variety of microstructures and mechanical properties. This group of alloys is useful for the replacement of mild steel in structures and components.

Stainless Steel tubes manufactured by Fine Tubes have an excellent combination of corrosion resistance, metallurgical stability and formability
Stainless steels are favoured because they are very cost effective. They also have an excellent combination of corrosion resistance, metallurgical stability, formability, and are easily welded. Their fabrication characteristics, good mechanical properties and attractive finished appearance make high quality stainless steel tubing a popular choice in a range of industries.

The stainless grades manufactured by Fine Tubes include single phase austenitic and dual phase duplex grades. Above all, the good mechanical and corrosion resistance properties, and excellent fabrication characteristics, make them candidate material in oil and gas production, piping systems, medical devices, food and beverage production, structural applications and corrosion-resistant vessels.

Fine Tubes manufactures stainless steel tubes in the following alloys:

304 S30400 1.4301
304L S30403 1.4306
316 S31600 1.4401
316L S31603 1.4404
316LN S31653 1.4429
316Ti S31635 1.4571
316LVM S31673 1.4441
321 S32100 1.4541
347 S34700 1.4550
6Mo S31254 1.4547
21-6-9 S21900  
17-4PH S17400 1.4542
FV 607 S64607 1.4939
904L N08904 1.4539

To view more technical information on the alloys we most commonly manufacture, please click the alloy link above. You can also download the technical datasheets in our Downloads section.

Note: Microstructure image courtesy of Oxford Instruments Ltd.