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Fine Tubes and Reading Alloys showcase Titanium expertise at Titanium Europe 2019 in Vienna

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Fine Tubes and Reading Alloys showcase Titanium expertise at Titanium Europe 2019 in Vienna

Fine Tubes and Reading Alloys – both part of AMETEK Specialty Metal Products (SMP) - will be exhibiting at Titanium Europe 2019 held at the Hotel Savoyen in Vienna from 13 to 15 May. Both Reading Alloys and Fine Tubes are members of the ITA and will be promoting their Titanium product range at Booth no. 58 over the three-day event.

Titanium Europe is one of a series of worldwide events hosted by the International Titanium Association (ITA). This membership-based trade organisation is the global trade association of the world's primary titanium metal producers who together account for over 90% of worldwide titanium production. Since 1984, ITA’s mission has been to promote and support the use of titanium metal in new and existing applications by connecting the public interested in using titanium with specialists from across the globe who may offer sales and technical assistance.

ITA provides a forum for the exchange of ideas within the industry and educates the public on every aspect of using titanium within their design.

Mike Marucci, Vice President Sales and Marketing Powders, said of the event: “Titanium Europe is one of the most important exhibitions in our calendar, as it allows us to meet key players in the titanium production and manufacturing sector. For over 60 years, Reading Alloys has been a world leader in the research, development and manufacture of high purity master alloys, powder coatings and other engineered materials for critical applications in the aerospace, aircraft, airframes and military industries. As a major component of aerospace alloys, titanium is a non-ferrous metal that gives aerospace alloys the strength and ability to perform at extreme temperatures. The ratios of engine power to weight, airframe strength and other factors critical to jet performance could not be achieved without this specialty metal.”

Reading Alloys is a global producer of master alloys and advanced engineering materials. It is known for its expertise in aluminothermic smelting, induction melting, vacuum sintering, and metal powder production. Reading Alloys has also expanded into gas atomization to better support various emerging marketing including metal additive manufacturing.

Titanium powders produced by Reading Alloys are lightweight, strong and corrosion-resistant. They are used in a number of vital applications across the medical and aerospace markets and supplied to meet exacting chemistry requirements. Powders can be supplied in a range of particle sizes to meet customers’ precise specifications.

In the medical sector, biocompatible titanium powders from Reading Alloys are used in thermal spray applications for joint replacement devices, including artificial knee, hip and elbow joints, as well as orthopaedic implants. The company’s titanium alloys are also widely employed to make surgical instruments, crutches and other medical products where high strength must combine with low weight. In the aerospace sector, Reading Alloys is a leader in the development of master titanium alloys created for applications where strength and the ability to perform at high temperatures are both critical. Titanium Master alloys supplied by Reading Alloys for customers in the aerospace sector include aluminium, vanadium and aluminium molybdenum.

Fine Tubes who is one of the main sponsors of this year’s event in Vienna. The UK-based business manufactures high-precision titanium, stainless steel and nickel alloy tubing for critical applications across a wide range of sectors. These sectors include aerospace, oil and gas, nuclear and medical. Fine Tubes is one of the few suppliers qualified to produce the high-pressure titanium tubes used in the hydraulic and pneumatic control systems of a variety of Airbus aircraft models such as the A350 XWB operating at up to 5,000psi.

In addition, Fine Tubes works extensively in the medical sector, offering a range of high-quality metal tubes in stainless steel and titanium alloys. These tubes are often critical for life-preserving medical procedures and operations. Some examples of vital medical equipment using precision metal tubing include stents, biopsy needles, cannulas, spinal cage, dental implants and endoscopy instruments.