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Tube Shapes and Profiles

Our tube mill processes precision tubes in a whole range of different shapes and profiles including circular, oval and square tubes. We also manufacture more unusual shapes like rectangular, hexagonal and bespoke profiles created to meet our customers’ specifications. You can order Fine Tubes products made in stainless steel, nickel and titanium. The chart below demonstrates some of the profiles available along with minimum and maximum dimensions.

Shape Maximum Outside Diameter Minimum Outside Diameter
 Round  ≤ 50.8mm (2")  ≥ 0.3 mm (0.012")
 Oval  ≤ 35mm (1.37")  ≥ 3mm (0.12")
 Shape Maximum Width Maximum Height
 Rectangular  25mm (1")  25mm (1")
 Square  25mm (1")  25mm (1")
 Hexagonal  Across flab typically < 6mm (1/4")
Shape Maximum Cross-Sectional Diameter
Individual customer profile 25mm (1")

We manufacture tubes of different shapes and profiles in lengths up to 14m (46ft). The shapes possible for your product may depend on whether the tube is made in seamless or welded form and which alloy you choose.