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Nuclear Fuel Tubes

Fine Tubes has a long history of supplying high quality metal tubing to the nuclear power industry going back to the UK’s earliest reactors in 1970s. It’s an area where strict specification compliance and integrity are absolutely critical. We have a track record of developing new solutions and helping the nuclear industry advance.

Precision, quality and performance are crucial, and with our engineering expertise we can control tube dimensions down to just ¼ the diameter of a human hair. Our tubes are deployed in the fuel cans of advanced gas-cooled reactors where they endure temperatures of 650°C, without fail, for five years non-stop.

We supplied the UK’s first generation of gas cooled reactors and as nuclear power has evolved, so has our expertise. Fine Tubes has manufactured products for advance gas-cooled (AGR), pressurised water (PWR), light water, heavy water and fast breeder reactor technologies.

You can order tubes for nuclear fuel cans in alloys of stainless steel (20/25Nb). Product integrity is assured from melt to the finished tube. We have the plant capacity to make quality-assured tubing compliant with RCC-M, ASME III QSC for nuclear programs.

Fine Tubes manufactures precision, heat resistant tubes for critical nuclear fuel cans
Manufacturing Capability For Nuclear Fuel Tubes (Cans) In Seamless Form

Size range

Outside Diameter
in mm   in inches
Min Max Min Max
2.4 45 0.095 1.77

Other sizes are available on request, starting from 0.15mm (0.006”) OD
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