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Cooling Tubes

Fine Tubes is a leading supplier of high quality cooling and heat exchanger tubing across a range of industries. Below is a summary of some of our cooling tubes solutions, their alloys and primary applications:

Nuclear Cooling Tubes
Our expertise in the nuclear energy industry goes back to the 1970's and the UK’s earliest gas-cooled reactors. As technology has advanced, we’ve continued to support our nuclear customers, developing new solutions for a range of more modern reactor technologies.

C-tubes made from alloy 690 and stainless steel 304 are used in passive residual heat removal heat exchangers for nuclear island projects. U-tubes in stainless steel 304 and alloy 825 are mainly for regenerative and non-regenerative heat exchangers within the nuclear island. Straight lengths of condenser tubes, manufactured from Titanium Ti CP Grade 2, stainless steels 304L and 316L and austenitic stainless steel 904L are all used in nuclear turbines and are manufactured to ASME III Dev. 1 and RCC-M standards.

Stator bars in stainless steels are for water and hydrogen cooling in generators within the turbine island. Cryogenic heat exchanger tubes have been used as cooling tubes for beam screens in the semiconductor magnets in large hadron colliders. They carry helium at a temperature between 5 and 20°Kelvin (0K = -273°C) and at a pressure of 2.6MPa (380psi). The material used to manufacture these tubes was a specially designed stainless steel providing high mechanical strength in combination with very low magnetic permeability at cryogenic temperatures.

All nuclear cooling tubes are supplied in seamless form.

High performance cooling tubes for the nuclear and aerospace industries
Chemical Process Cooling Tubes
Companies in the chemical process industry regularly rely on Fine Tubes and we supply cooling tubes for heat exchangers and condensers covering all the standard sizes required in this field.

Condenser and heat exchanger tubes in Nickel alloys, C276, C22, Alloy 600, are supplied in straight lengths up to 14m. Completed packages of U-bent formed tubes and P-tubes can be supplied in ready-to-be-installed condition.

Aerospace Cooling Tubes
In the aerospace industry, Fine Tubes heat exchanger tubes are deployed in power plants from a range of manufacturers. We supply heat exchanger tubes for engine cooling systems in commercial and military aircrafts, mainly in stainless steel or nickel alloys in either seamless or welded forms.
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