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Health, Safety & Environment


Fine Tubes is committed to the provision of sound health, safety and environmental principles in the development and maintenance of its operations and products for the benefit of all.

  • Fine Tubes will strive to prevent work related injury and ill health to workers and provide a safe and healthy workplace. Fine Tubes is committed to consultation with its workforce and continuous improvement in its EHS performance.
  • Fine Tubes will ensure the adequate provision of resources, information and effective communication which will be widely communicated to all employees and all persons working for or on behalf of the organisation and made freely available to interested parties.
  • Fine Tubes is committed to protecting the environment through a process of continuous improvement and prevention of pollution, to minimise, and if possible eliminate, environmental impacts and risk to employees’ health and welfare. This will ensure Fine Tubes remains a responsible member of the community and continues to reduce the direct risk levels in the workplace.
  • Our rolling 2 year HSE initiative plan forms the foundation of Fine Tubes commitment towards improving the health, safety and environmental well-being of all employees and visitors.
  • Statute and Company Policy requirements and assessments shall be reviewed by senior management. The necessary objectives shall be set, systems developed and resources provided to ensure effective and timely implementations of sound practices and mandatory procedure.
  • All employees shall be required to follow established Health, Safety and Environmental procedures and will be expected to contribute towards continual improvements in standards in their own areas of responsibility.

Fine Tubes has Environmental Approval to BS EN 14001 through independent evaluation of our management systems by the British Standards Institute and is registered under certificate number EMS 41528.