News archive / 2012

  • Specialist alloy tubing tackle corrosion in topside and subsea applications

    With oil and gas extraction moving into harsher and deeper environments the demand for high pressure and highly corrosion-resistant tubing is rising. Fine Tubes’ expertise in manufacturing specialist corrosion resistant alloys with those properties needed for control and instrumentation tubing provides cost effective and long term solutions. read more

  • Oil & Gas industry wants ‘fit and forget’ tube systems

    Interview with Nick Head, Business Development Executive for the Oil and Gas industry at Fine Tubes at Adipec, the Middle East’s biggest oil and gas exhibition. read more

  • ADIPEC generates high interest in Fine Tubes’ high performance tubing

    Fine Tubes attendance at the 15th ADIPEC 2012 in Abu Dhabi from 11–14 November has generated high interest in the company’s product range of high quality corrosion resistant tubes for the oil and gas industry. The participation in the region’s most important oil and gas related conference and exhibition was part of the UK tube manufacturer’s plan in developing the Middle East region for exotic alloy tubing. read more

  • New guide features Fine Tubes’ cutting-edge products

    Fine Tubes has been featured in a new guide that showcases the cutting-edge work of Plymouth's most advanced high-tech manufacturers. read more

  • Fine Tubes under new ownership

    Fine Tubes Ltd, the UK's leading manufacturer of high specification tubing has been acquired by the Watermill Group, a strategy-driven private investment firm that will bring the necessary resources for the next phase of growth. read more

  • Fine Tubes present oil and gas tubing in Abu Dhabi

    As a leading manufacturer of stainless steel, super-austenitic, Duplex, nickel and titanium alloy tubes, Fine Tubes Ltd will be presenting their latest high specification tubes at ADIPEC 2012 in Abu Dhabi next month, the largest oil and gas exhibition in the Middle East. read more

  • Power Energies expo generates quality enquiries for Fine Tubes

    The Power Energies 2012 exhibition in Avignon, France from 25-27 of September proved to be successful for Fine Tubes and the event has generated great interest in the company’s product range of high quality precision tubes for the nuclear & power industry. read more

  • Fine Tubes showcase nuclear pedigree in France

    Fine Tubes will be presenting its latest product developments at Power Energies, an exhibition for professionals of the fossil and renewable energy fields in Avignon, France from 25-27 September 2012. read more

  • Reaction Engines reveals successful Skylon pre-cooler tests at Farnborough

    At the recent Farnborough air show Reaction Engines announced that their revolutionary Skylon space plane has passed another significant milestone following the second phase of successful tests on the Sabre engine pre-cooler. The high precision heat exchanger tubes manufactured by Fine Tubes are a key component to the cooling system of this hybrid engine which is on course to transform not only space travel but also air transport around the world. read more

  • CERN discovers ‘God’ Particle - Fine Tubes supplied vital cooling tubes

    CERN scientists have declared the finding of a sub-atomic particle consistent with the Higgs boson or ‘God particle’, thought to be an essential building block that led to the creation of the universe. The Higgs boson’s existence could explain why all matter, from the smallest atoms to the largest planets, has mass rather than floating around the Universe. This monumental breakthrough will help scientists better understand the origin of our universe. Fine Tubes Ltd has played a major role in supplying essential cooling tubes to the Large Hadron Collider that made this discovery possible. read more

  • Quality and metallurgy expert joins Fine Tubes as Technical Manager

    Fine Tubes Ltd. recently appointed Valerie Hart as Technical Manager. The leading UK manufacturer of precision tubing is focussed on securing its outstanding product quality and takes on another expert in quality management and metallurgy. read more

  • Fine Tubes present POWER products in Delhi

    Fine Tubes attendance at the Power-Gen India & Central-Asia exhibition in Delhi from 19-21 April 2012 has generated great interest in Fine Tubes product range of high specification seamless as well as welded and welded-redrawn tubes on display at the show. The participation in the region’s most important power related conference and exhibition was the next step for the UK tube manufacturer in developing the Indian Nuclear market after opening a sales office in Delhi in February 2011. read more

  • Fine Tubes target Nuclear and Power industry in India

    Fine Tubes carries on with geographical expansion into India and Asia and presents its product range for nuclear precision tubes at Power-Gen India and Central-Asia exhibiton and conference in New Delhi from 19-21 April 2012. read more

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