AMETEK Specialty Metal Products to showcase Tube, Strip and Powder at Paris Air Show

AMETEK Specialty Metal Products to showcase Tube, Strip and Powder at Paris Air Show

Leading global tube manufacturers, UK-based Fine Tubes and US-based Superior Tube, part of AMETEK Specialty Metal Products, are looking forward to showcasing their latest high performance tubing in Titanium, Stainless steel and Nickel alloys at Paris Air Show, in hall 2B, stand G170 from 19th to 23rd June 2017.

Fine Tubes and Superior Tube will be exhibiting as part of the AMETEK Specialty Metal Products division together with AMETEK Wallingford, Hamilton Precision Metals, AMETEK Eighty Four and Reading Alloys. Collectively, they are leading world-leading suppliers for specialty metal materials, from high precision tubing and strip, wire and foil to high purity metal powders, clad metals and master alloys.

The exhibition will be staging its 52nd edition this year and hopes to be as successful as in 2015 when had a breaking record edition with over 2,300 exhibitors. Paris Air Show has become both the largest and longest-running aerospace trade show in the world covering a wide range of different aerospace categories such as aircraft, space, airborne equipment and systems, composite materials and surface treatment.

AMETEK Specialty Metal Products has served the Aerospace industry for over 75 years - a market where performance and efficiency are key. Our expertise in processing specialty alloys has enabled us to engineer speciality products to the toughest specifications for a multitude of critical applications:

• Master Alloys for airframe and engine titanium alloys and super alloys

• Metal Strip for diaphragms for aerospace sensor applications

• Precision Tubes for fuel lines, actuaction and instrumentation

• Brazing Foils for jet engine fan blades and housings 

• Powder Coatings for thermal barrier coating applications

• Nickel Based Strip Alloys for aerospace batteries, heat exchangers and bellows

• Shaped Wire for throttles, push-pull mechanisms, fuel shutoffs and fasteners


AMETEK – Specialty Metal Products – your one-stop solution provider for your toughest challenges in specialty metal requirements.

For an appointment at the show please contact:

Mike Cullum

International Sales Manager – Europe, Asia and Middle East

DDI: + 44 (0)1752876406

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