AMETEK Specialty Metal Products Looks To Further Grow Its Business with Airbus

AMETEK Specialty Metal Products Looks To Further Grow Its Business with Airbus

Established in 2015, AMETEK Specialty Metal Products (SMP) is a world leader in the production of precision tubing, precision strip, wire and foil, high-purity metal powders and master alloys - all used extensively throughout the aerospace and defence industry.

As an exhibitor at the recent Paris Air Show, AMETEK SMP took the opportunity to demonstrate its extended brand and product offering.

AMETEK SMP is focused on strengthening its relationship with Airbus and increasing its already growing business with the world’s leading aerospace OEMs.

Of the six businesses that make up AMETEK SMP, the UK-based Fine Tubes has supplied Airbus for some 20 years. Fine Tubes has established a contract with Airbus that represents an increased share of the aircraft manufacturer’s total tubing requirements, particularly for hydraulics and fuel lines. Fine Tubes will act in both a Tier 1 and a Tier 2 capacity, in some cases supplying Airbus directly and in others through stockists and other distributors.

In addition to supplying both stainless steel and titanium tubing for the A320, A330, A350 and A380 commercial aircraft models, Fine Tubes also manufactures tubes for Airbus Defence and Space as well as Airbus Helicopters, previously known as Eurocopter.

“Being part of AMETEK Specialty Metal Products definitely enables us to offer added value to Airbus. Fine Tubes is a centre of excellence for titanium and stainless steel, but we’re also now part of a larger group that has two companies making precision strip and wire as well as two companies making master alloys and high purity powders. Collectively, that makes us a formidable force and an obvious choice for Airbus right across the aerospace industry’s supply chain,” comments Brian Mercer, Global Sales and Marketing Director for both Fine Tubes and Superior Tube.

High strength tubing for critical aerospace applications

When asked why she thought Fine Tubes has been able to sustain such a long and successful relationship with Airbus, Stacey Thomas, Account Manager, emphasised the importance of the depth of relations with Airbus, from commercial flexibility to technical innovation, which has driven a spirit of cooperation.

“Airbus, quite rightly, has a lengthy and stringent supplier approval process. In addition, Fine Tubes has supported Airbus in its impressive growth with significant and sustained capital investment in our manufacturing facility,” notes Thomas.

Like any OEM of the size of Airbus, it wants its business partners to be financially secure to minimise any risk of a failure in the supply chain. Fine Tubes already had established that, but, now, as part of AMETEK Specialty Metal Products, the validation is even stronger.

“Fine Tubes and Superior Tube have had a strong business relationships since the 1940s,” adds Brian Mercer. “While each company has particular strengths. Together, they have effectively offered dual manufacturing capacity, enhancing our ability to meet demand. Now, as part of AMETEK SMP, we offer an even broader product range and are the perfect partner for customers to simplify their supply chain.”

In addition to Fine Tubes and Superior Tube, AMETEK SMP includes Reading Alloys, Hamilton Precision Metals and SMP Wallingford and SMP Eighty-Four. Apart from Fine Tubes, all other businesses are based in the United States.

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