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Fine Tubes has built a reputation for first class product quality and reliability, and that’s why so many leading military and commercial aviation programs use our high performance tubes. We’re one of the few suppliers qualified to produce the high pressure titanium tubes used in the hydraulic systems of the Airbus A380.

Our aerospace tubes are generally used in airframes, aircraft engines and instrumentation, where pilot and passengers equally rely on them to withstand the most critical conditions.

Aerospace engineers turn to Fine Tubes for advice when they require high pressure and high temperature resistant tubes that are strong and light. Currently, our experts are developing products using the latest high-strength grades of titanium for hydraulic tubing systems, and are also designing new solutions in Titanium for mechanical tubes used in flight surface actuation such as wings, flaps and slats.

Having supplied the aerospace industry with high performance tubes for over 50 years, our team has a proven history in turning the design concepts of today into the industry standards of tomorrow.

History and innovation


  • Hydraulic and pneumatic control systems
  • Cryogenic heat exchangers
  • Torque control rods
  • Transmission tubes
  • Convoluting / seals
  • Ducting systems
  • Landing gear
  • Waveguides
  • Fuel pipes
  • Instrumentation

Product information

Lean Manufacturing

Fine Tubes have embraced the principals of lean manufacturing through a programme originating from the S.M.M.T. and fully implemented by Messier Dowty Ltd (Groupe Safran).

Following on from previous initiatives such as 5-S and TPM our Lean Manufacturing Support Team is challenged with realising cost down objectives using tools such as value stream mapping & SMED. Adding value extends not only to our product engineering but to point-of-use readiness through kitting and J.I.T. type distribution.

Quality Approvals

Quality Approvals

Fine Tubes is proud to have been awarded the NADCAP Approvals AS 7114 for Nondestructive testing, Fusion Welding and AS 7102 for Heat treatment & mechanical/laboratory testing of tubes. We are one of the few tube mills worldwide to have achieved this certification.

In addition we are approved to AS9100 Rev B, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001, TÜV Directive 97/23/EC, Annexe 1, Ch. 4.3.

We have also achieved many customer approvals, including:

  • Agusta S.p.A A/316
  • Airbus UK AUK/SA/30066
  • Bombardier
  • Messier-Dowty PRIDE
  • Rolls-Royce SABre
  • Rolls-Royce Deutschland
  • Westland Sub Tier Supplier
  • GKN SQA01 – ref no. 3954


Fine Tubes is primarily a tube mill, producing to order. However, we can also work within long term agreements to support your tubing needs with strategic stocks, cutting to length or kitting.

Principle aerospace grades and specifications

Starting with stainless steels we have continually expanded our process capability and have developed a unique expertise in processing nickel alloys for high temperature and high strength applications and titanium alloys where a high strength to weight ratio is required.

Our main aerospace grades and specifications

Titanium 6AL/4V Titanium 3AL/2.5V Titanium C.P.
FT2312 seamless ABS 5004 ASTM B338
  AMS 4943 BAEM 4044 (SL7)
  AMS 4944 MSRR 8609
  AMS 4945 AMS 4942
  MBBN 6001-4  
  MSRR 8673  
  ABS 5141  


Stainless steel 21-6-9 Other stainless steels
ASN-A3288/NSA384510 MSRR 6524
DAN 41 BS2T66/T67
SO7-2210 BST68/T69
BACM 157 BST72/T73
AMS 5561 AMS T-6845
MSRR 6598 MIL-T 8808
ABM 7-3058 AMS 5566


Nickel alloys / Nimonics
MSRR-6513 FV607
MSRR-7037 C263
AMS 5589 718