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Our high quality tubes help Richard’s Tattoo Studio build impressive and accurate tattooing equipment, which is used to make beautiful body art.

“Most other companies who buy in this kind of tube are using it as an unseen 
component, but our tattoo equipment has very high visibility, so the 
products have to look good as well as perform. Products from Fine Tubes 
are just what you would expect from this class of business. The quality is
 consistently high and the customer service is excellent - it is the 
difference between a Rolls-Royce and a Trabant.” Richard Pinch, Owner, 
Richard’s Tattoo Studio.


From a family of engineers, Richard Pinch started making tattoo equipment from home back in the 1980s. By 2005, he had successfully developed models professional enough to be the basis of a business to run alongside his tattoo studio. So Richard set up Good Luck Iron which operates from an industrial unit in Aberdeen, Scotland, and distributes to top name studios and tattooists around the world. Both businesses are growing enterprises.


For Richard’s own tattoo artists and for those he supplies, precision is a key issue. The mag tubes, tip liners and shaders which house the needles must be made using high quality, durable and hard wearing tubing. This allows the artist to deliver very fine detail and provides maximum control over the finish. Richard used other products in the past to make this component, but found the quality of tubing supplied varied, and could adversely affect a tattooist’s work.


Four years ago, Richard approached Fine Tubes and has continued working with the tube manufacturer ever since. He needed non-standard 316L stainless steel with a 0.81 mm wall thickness, which few other companies produce. Being able to talk through the unique requirements of tattooing with Fine Tubes, and our ability to come up with solutions, impressed him.

“There is always someone there to talk through any queries or issues and come up with an answer, and they’ll tweak or alter products to make them to the precise specification you require. It is this kind of attention to detail and the quality - from the raw materials to the end product - which has been evident through all my dealings with Fine Tubes,” he says.

Next steps

Today Richard is dealing with some of the world’s top tattoo artists. His collaboration with Swiss tattooist Filip Leu has resulted in an exclusive Filip Leu Signature Range of tube shaders and liners suitable for all types of tattooing. Handcrafted using Fine Tubes tubing and constructed from a single piece of top quality British, surgical grade 316 stainless steel, the products have been developed with the artist and each is etched with his signature and the needle size.

The company has spent many years designing and building press tooling and swagging dies in order to produce the Good Luck Iron product range. It now offers precision tube sawing and manipulation expertise to other companies enabling them to enhance their own products whilst benefitting from Good Luck Iron’s market experience. 

Good Luck Iron’s future plans include further expansion into the computer numerical control (CNC) machining market place, offering precision turning and milling with the ability to incorporate in-house fabrication or coded welding.

About Richard’s Tattoo Studio

Richard’s is one of the most highly regarded tattoo studios in Scotland. With over 20 years experience, the company has raised the bar in body art, setting industry standards and winning numerous awards along the way. Integral to the studio’s work is its sister company, Good Luck Iron, an engineering business 
supplying high quality equipment to tattoo studios and artists around the globe. The company uses no distributors and deals direct with its customers in order to maintain quality and control over its products.

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