As a leading manufacturer of high quality tubing products, Fine Tubes is committed protecting and enhancing all aspects of the environment. This commitment covers our activities, working practices and business relationships.

Our Environmental Policy

In order to fulfill this commitment, our environmental policy is to:

  • Meet all applicable legislation, regulations and other requirements relating to the environmental aspects of our site, as maintained in our Register of Regulations and Legislation.
  • Strive to ensure that all our activities are carried out in a way that prevents pollution of the environment.
  • Be constantly aware of all environmental issues - particularly those that have a direct relevance to our business.
  • Raise the awareness of all our employees regarding the effects their actions can have on the environment through communication, discussion and training.
  • Communicate our policy to anyone working for or on behalf of Fine Tubes, including our suppliers. The policy is also made available to the public on request.
  • Continuously improve our environmental performance and conduct regular audits to monitor and review it.
  • Wherever possible, make the best environmental practice a priority when planning and developing new and existing operations, and when sourcing new materials.
  • Operate appropriate scrap minimisation and material recycling schemes to reduce our impact on the environment.
  • Ensure our buildings and site are managed in an environmentally sensitive manner.
  • Select suppliers who are aware of their environmental responsibilities, wherever practicable, via our purchasing policy.
  • Continually develop and review our environmental practices and monitor their progress so that we can improve our policy.

Fine Tubes has Environmental Approval to BS EN 14001 through independent evaluation of our management systems by the British Standards Institute and is registered under certificate number EMS 41528.

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